Arcade Ventures: The day you become a VC

The best way to get a 100x return is to be early

Early-stage investments are how VCs make exceptional returns. Typically referred to as pre-sales, seed or private deals, these types of investments are often out of reach to “casuals”. Two reasons stand out why VCs can reach these deals, but the everyday trader might not:

  • First, they have more capital, making it more attractive for companies to take their money.
  • Second, VCs have the experience (and time) to analyze investments and perform proper due diligence.

Access to early-deal investments

To get exposure to a sophisticated portfolio of seed investments, all you have to do is invest. These projects have high upside potential and opportunities for growth from the start.

Professionally-led deal flows

Our crypto-veteran team and community will work together to find opportunities and invest the capital.

How to get involved

While everyone will have access to join the fund, there is limited space available.

What’s next?

For now, this is all we can say. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing more details, including how deals will be sourced, how profits will be distributed to token holders, how talent and contributions will be rewarded, and how we will support project growth.

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